Eren is my name (it's actually spelled Erin but whatever Eren is cooler!) and fiction and cosplay is my game. Most of my friends know me as Tobi so I answer to both!

Let's see... I'm 19 I like music. Movies are my life, I also love comic books, manga, tumblr, The Walking Dead, Supernatural, ANIME!!, Pacific Rim, ninjas, Rise of the Guardians, Star Trek, the Avengers, Tom Hiddleston, Norman Reedus, reading, writing and drawing. I LOVE games and I'm total geek/otaku!
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#can we please discuss the fact that this movie was made by Americans

#some of us might actually be self-aware

Nobody has to deal with americans more than other americans.

I am an american and I can verify that this is indeed true.

#everyone else gets to be annoyed by Americans from afar #while Americans have to be annoyed by other Americans loudly and up close